Vote for your Rock of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year below! We’d like to hear your stories and why you voted for your Rock of the Year. We might use some of them in the presentation! Your name will remain private, of course. Drop us an email at

Rock of the Year

We like it when the Rocks win games – even more so when the team is playing well and entertaining the crowd. However, there’s more to it than that. Being a Rock is not just about winning games. It’s about improving the community, inspiring the next generation to want better for themselves. We’re rightfully proud of what our players do – both on and off the court. There are plenty of kids with stories of when “the basketball player came to my school and spoke to us about healthy eating”. There are just as many adults who can talk about the team taking time to sign autographs and pose for pictures. A good player is great, a good person is even better. Who, this year, has embodied what it means to be a Rock for you?


Defensive Player of the Year

Good players win games. Good teams win championships. The cornerstone to this is good defence. From the low post to the perimeter, there are players looking to stop the opposition. The hustlers like to hover around the perimeter, putting the attacker off his dribble and stealing the ball. The rim protectors stick to the low post, defending the entry pass and swatting shots away. Somewhere in between are the guys who clog the lane and look to take charges. Everywhere there are hands in faces! Do you value the defender who can anticipate and dodge the pick, or perhaps the man who can guard several different positions? Tell us who your Defensive Player of the Year is.