It all started in the Solid Rock.

A geography teacher, a clinical physicist and a blue man walked into a bar….

It was like a meeting of the minds. The only thing missing was the intelligence. Luckily they were selling it in pint glasses at the bar.

A number of important questions were debated and answered that night.

Do we have time for one more? (always)

Do you think we’ll beat Manchester? (We did. Twice in the one weekend!)

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get more people into the pub before a Friday night game?

And so the seed was planted.

A number of discussions over the summer led to the conclusion that there was both a need and a desire to have a supporter’s club.  Co-Chairs, Andy Allan & Jill Magee, were appointed in November and a club name, The Rolling Rocks, quickly followed.


Club aims:

  1. Build stronger links between the franchise and the supporters, acting as liaison to cascade information and suggest improvements.
  1. Promote away game attendance through the provision of information and/or organised travel
  1. Build stronger links between the supporters through the use of social events and by utilising internet channels
  1. Improve, over the long term, the game day atmosphere at The Emirates arena
  1. Raise funds for both the supporter’s club and the franchise.