Behind The Scenes With Duncan Smillie – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our blog that Duncan Smillie has kindly agreed to work on with the Supporters Club throughout the season. If anyone has any topics they would like Duncan to cover then please let us know. Our thanks to Duncan for agreeing to take part in this project and for giving us a behind the scenes feel of his role in the club.

The teams recent performances

No point in sugar coating it, our recent performances haven’t been what would have expected given the level of investment we have made in our team and the off court resources we have at our disposal, bottom line I would have expected us to be in the semi final of the Cup and at worst 7-3 in the league, possibly even 8-2, 5-5 isn’t where we wanted to be but we are where we are and we go again with 4 crucial games in December.

Has the two week break from domestic duties come at an ideal time for the team and Tony?

In some ways this has come at a good time allowing us to take stock and get a few things sorted during the break, in others it is the last thing we need. We knew this would happen and we have prepared for it, Darryl has been taking the team in practice and that has been going well with the players that are still around and Tony will pick things up on his return as we head into a crucial double header against Newcastle and Leeds. Be rest assured our Coach has still been very much involved in day to day business back in Glasgow whilst leading GB.

Part 3 coming soon…