Catch Up: Tayo Ogedengbe

To keep things rolling during the off season we caught up with ex-Rock and current Surrey Scorchers captain Tayo Ogedengbe. Below are some of the questions we asked him during his Twitter takeover as well as some new ones you won't have seen before! Thank you to Tayo for chatting with us.

1) Could you summarise Scorcher’s season for us both on a team and personal level?

Progress. When I signed in Surrey we had a 5 year plan and we set goals as a team and organisation. The plan was to progress each year with the team on the court and off the court and I think we achieved that. Personally I feel that my season went well. I feel that I got in to a good groove towards the end of the season when things were not so hectic.

2) Do you have a personal highlight from the season? Please don’t say breaking Rocks record winning streak!

After last season, not making playoff for the first time in a long time was upsetting so making the playoffs this season was definitely the highlight.

3) What are your thoughts on the BBL all star game?

I’ve seen it’s sparked a lot of interest online with the rules. They are a bit different but I’m definitely looking forward to giving it a go. Something different is sometimes good and anything that shines a spotlight on British basketball I will always give a chance.

(Tayo got his own back by doing a similar move on our Captain Kieron Achara this season…see below Tweets!)

4) Do you have anything special planned for the off season?

A few holidays with my family and a lot of off season work. I’m still growing as a player so there is still some work I need to do in the off season.

5) Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Just listen to music really. Nothing too crazy.

6) You’ve played for a few BBL coaches now. I guess they’ve all had their own individual styles of coaching? What sort of differences have you come across?

Think I’ve had them all from crazy to laid back, but it mainly depends on the group of guys playing as to what you get. If you get a group of guys that commit to the coach then his style will work.

7) Who were your basketball role models growing up? Did you watch any NBA player and think “that’s what I want to do”?

Loved watching Vince Carter, Tmac and of course Jordan.