Catch Up: Jordan Clarke

Jordan Clarke was considered extremely unlucky when he became injured in 2015 – 2016 and missed a large chunk of the season. However the Rocks kept him on for 2016 – 2017 and the fans were looking forward to seeing what impact Jordan could have when playing a full season. Unfortunately Jordan was hit with a bad knee injury and was released from the club. We caught up with Jordan to see how he has been getting on.

“Recovery is going well. I’m cleared to do stationary basketball stuff now so I’m in the gym weight room 3 times a week and in the gym shooting as much as I am allowed. My biggest issue is wanting to do more than I can. I’m constantly being held back (for my own good I will admit). My strength coach and physiotherapist are good friends of mine so they know what I’m like and have been limiting my workload to prevent further complications which are things I wouldn’t typically think about. All that goes through my head is ‘get on the court as fast as possible’ so they’ve been really good at managing my workload and making sure I’m getting stronger and healthier everyday as opposed to hurting myself.

The most frustrating process with the injury was the first 6 months. I’ve always been the type to always be doing something so to have to literally sit and not move for months was brutal. But things have improved dramatically and I’m able to lift 3 times a week again and get jumpers up every other day so I feel improvements daily and I am very optimistic about things now.

I’ve come to a decision after some time that no matter how much money I make elsewhere, it can’t compare to the experience basketball gave me, especially playing overseas. Lord willing, I fully intend to play basketball again. Right now however my goal is to come back ready both mentally and physically. There’s still a few more months until I am cleared to play competitively but I’m feeling confident that once I am ready mentally I will be playing again for as long as I possibly can.

The Rocks did everything they could to help me and were very generous. I can’t thank Mr and Mrs Reid, along with the rest of the organization, enough for the kindness they showed during my whole time in Scotland. The best thing about living and playing in Glasgow was the people. The fans were great! They were hospitable, friendly and boy did they cheer hard. I met a few really amazing people there outside of basketball that have helped me become a better person altogether. The people that I met and had conversations with was definitely the best part of my Glasgow experience outside of playing basketball.

(When asked if there was any other country or city he would like to play in or would consider a move back to the BBL)

Absolutely I would love to play in the BBL. I have family from all over the UK. I met some amazing people in Glasgow that had a huge impact on my life and I would really like to turn. Out of the BBL, the top 3 places I would like to play would be Greece, Lithuania or Germany”

Thank you to Jordan for taking the time to talk to us and the Supporters Club wish him all the best in his recovery.