Lets Get Tropical with Lewis Thomas

It’s Lewis Thomas’ turn to take the Rolling Rocks hotseat! We got a bit carried away with this interview so thanks to Lewis for answering so many questions!

1) What is your favourite basketball film and why?

We managed to capture this great photo of Lewis before he took to the court

“I would have to say Semi Pro. Absolutely one of my favourite movies of all time. I think Will Ferrell is hilarious. Lets get tropical!”

2) Where have you visited so far since you arrived in Scotland?

“I managed to get up to Edinburgh for a few days during our Christmas break which was fantastic. I also spent time with my family down in Nottingham for Christmas.”

3) What has impressed you most about the Rocks organisation?

“I would have to say the connection it has with the Jump2it programme. I think it’s a great programme where we can go out and reach out to the children in the Glasgow area and deliver important messages.”

4) Why did you choose the number 21 for your jersey?

“In 2009 I was given the number at the Australia Institute of Sport. I wasn’t able to use it in college but managed to get it back when I signed with the Rocks.”

5) Do you have any pre-game rituals?

“It’s a strange one but I have to shower and brush my teeth. I just really like the feeling of being clean before I step out onto the court. I also drink a red bull before the game as well.”

2016 saw the Dockers win 4 games and lose 18. Thankfully the Rocks have a better record!

6) Do you follow any other sports? If so what ones and what teams?

“I follow the Australian rules football league and my team is the Fremantle Dockers. My mum is a diehard Liverpool fan and my dad’s side of the family are Nottingham Forest fans so I like to keep both sides happy.”

7) What did your dad make of the BBL?

“He enjoyed it. He’s a big basketball fan and loves watching me play. I think any kind of league I play in he will enjoy. The league is sort of in between the two in Australia.”

8) Who on the team is your roommate and what is the funniest thing you’ve done together?

“Hayden is my roommate and we’ve had a lot of funny times, we are always joking around and having a laugh. I can’t narrow our funniest moment into one. Instead I’ll put the coolest thing we’ve done together and that would be the Escape Rooms. Managed to get out with 2 minutes left!”

9) How does the standard of the BBL compare to the leagues in Australia?

“The top league in Australia I would consider to be one of the better leagues around the world other than the NBA. The BBL as I said before sits below the NBL but above the State leagues.”

10) If you weren’t a basketball player what do you think your career would be?

“If you’d asked me this question during high school I probably would have said an accountant. However after all the coaching and youth programmes I’ve done I would say I would be teaching PE at a school or being the sports coordinator of a school.”

Bradley Beal is currently averaging 34.4 MPG and 21.9 PPG for the Washington Wizards

11) Who has been the best player you have played with and against?

“The best player I have ever played with is a tough question. There’s a few that come to mind. My freshman year I played with James Nunnally and Orlando Johnson who have both had stints in the NBA and now play in the Euro League. Also in my freshman class was Alan Williams who now plays for the Phoenix Suns. The best I’ve played against is another tough one. I’d probably have to say Bradley Beal. There are plenty more who could easily be the top player.”