“I’m spinning around, move outta my way…”

Anthony Elechi. Glasgow Rocks very own dancing queen. Dazzling us all with his dance moves as well as putting in some solid performances on court! We caught up with Anthony to ask him some of your questions.

1) Is there a period of adjustment to get used to the referees?

“Yes definitely. I’m still adjusting to the difference but I think I’m making prominent strides and coming along very well since my first game.”

2) In your opinion who has been the best player you have played with and played against?

“Haha good question. Putting me on the spot. I’ve played with many great players but I would have to say my good friend Karam Mashour who I played college basketball with back in the States. If I really had to choose the best player I’ve played against it would probably be Tobias Harris or D’Angelo Russell.”


LeBron’s dancing isn’t a patch on our Anthony’s.

3) We’ve seen some of your dance moves! Who was your inspiration growing up – Larry Bird or Kylie Minogue?! Will we be seeing you dancing with the Rockettes at any point?!

“Haha that’s funny. I would definitely have to go with Larry Bird between the two on that one. If the Rockettes ever invited me for a session I would be more than happy to show them a couple of moves.”

4) What is the biggest difference between playing college basketball and professional basketball?

“The biggest difference I would say is the amount of time you have just to focus on basketball. During my college days you have other things to worry about such as being a proper student athlete, going to class, studying for exams and getting your homework completed. However now I’m solely focused on basketball which is great. College had definitely prepared me well to have a job like approach to the game and I love what I do for a living at the same time. So it truly is a blessing.”

5) Have you now adjusted to life in Scotland? What do you think about our food and culture? Have you managed to see a lot of the country?

“Yes I’m slowly but surely becoming more Scottish every day haha. It’s funny because when I talk to my mother on the phone she tells me I’m starting to get an accent. I don’t think I’ve had a proper Scottish meal yet but I’ve fallen in love with fish and chips out here. But I know one thing is for sure I’ll never eat haggis haha. I’m enjoying myself out here and the people are very welcoming. So far I’ve only visited the town and university but perhaps after the season is finished I’ll take a trip to Loch Ness or Loch Lomond to see what it has to offer. I’ve also heard great things about Edinburgh and how beautiful it is.”

We then asked Anthony what he likes to have on his fish and chips. Salt, vinegar, sauce? Or a combination?

“Salt and vinegar of course and ketchup as well.”


Maybe Anthony should have been an extra in the film Semi-Pro #fashionstatement

6) We’ve noticed you like to wear your shorts a lot shorter then the rest of the team! Is there any reason for this?

“Haha yeah my shorts are always the topic of conversations. Truthfully it always felt c

omfortable for me that way. Originally I grew up playing football (American soccer) so I was accustomed to my shorts always being high, so I kind of adapted it into basketball as well.”


Thanks to those who to submitted questions and a special thanks to Anthony for answering them! Maybe we’ll be seeing him on Strictly Come Dancing soon…