Wolverine, The Musical

Our first Back To Back Threes interview comes courtesy of new PG signing Neil Watson who previously played an important role in a successful Leicester Riders team. I say successful…sometimes they weren’t. See below for an example.

Anyway, Neil finally saw what he was missing up here in Scotland and made the move this summer. Here’s what he has to say

1) What places have you visited in Glasgow so far and where has been your favourite?


We wonder if Neil wrote the blog titled “How To Create A Hair Design” for those who play NBA2k games.

I haven’t been to many places in Glasgow yet. My favourite so far is a restaurant called Viva Brazil, or something like that!

2) What do you spend more time on – your outfit or your hair?

I definitely spend more time on my hair.

3) What player in the BBL do you look forward to playing against? Similarly, what player do you least like playing against?

There isn’t a player I don’t look forward to playing against but the guy I do look forward to playing that I haven’t played against yet is Conner Washington with Leicester.

4) What do you think of the Rocks playing style? Did you enjoy playing against it? How does it compare to Riders, for example?

I hated playing against the Rocks when I was with the Riders and now the styles are similar, fast quick hitting. Here there is more freedom to play freely.

5) Your APG stats in the BBL are fairly high. You have previously been mentioned in the “who’s the best PG in the BBL” conversation. There are a few others who have caught our eye. Who’s caught your eye?

As far as assists go, Marek Klassen has been very effective in that area.

6) You seem to enjoy singing! If you were in a band what would you be called and what genre of music would you cover?

If I were in a band we’d be called Prestige World Wide and we’d cover all sorts of genres of music.

7) If you could pick any superpower to have what would it be and why?

The power to heal myself like Wolverine!


Rumour has it Neil Watson was seen auditioning for this musical…