I Belong to Glasgow, “Deer” Old Glasgow Town…

Our next Back To Back Threes feature comes courtesy of shooting guard Warren Gillis who joined the Rocks off the back of a successful career at Coastal Carolina where he finished his career ranked 10th All-Time in scoring and tied for 1st on the Coastal Carolina career list with an 84% free throw percentage. Gillis also led his team to back to back conference championships and was awarded the MVP during the 2014 Big South Tournament. Here’s what he had to say:

1) How well are you able to understand JB? Or the Scottish accent in general?

“I can understand JB pretty well. At first the Scottish accent was tough to understand because it’s a lot faster than an American accent but I am getting accustomed to it now. JB doesn’t talk as fast

All import players should receive this on arrival

All import players should receive this on arrival

though so I was able to understand him when I first arrived.”

2) What is your college degree in?

“My college degree is in Business Management.”

3) How does playing professionally compare with being a college basketball player?

“The biggest difference is that I can solely focus on basketball. In college I had to give most of my attention to schoolwork most of the day.”

4) What parts of Scotland have you managed to visit so far? Is there anywhere in Scotland you would like to visit?

“I haven’t been around many parts of Scotland. I would like to tour around Edinburgh at some point though.” (We’ll be sure to tell Warren that Glasgow is better than Edinburgh!)

5) Do you prefer Irn Bru or Coke?

We will suggest to Warren he switches to Irn Bru when eating his venison burgers

We will suggest to Warren he switches to Irn Bru when eating his burgers, venison or not!

“I prefer Coke because Irn Bru has a lot of sugar in it…but at the same time I don’t drink soda at all. So I wouldn’t drink Coke either!”

6) What is something you’ve enjoyed here that you didn’t have back home? What is something you enjoy back home that you miss here?

“Both answers would be food. Here I really like the fact you can buy venison from the store. In American it is very hard to find venison anywhere. Also, back home I just miss some of my favourite restaurants.”

Our thanks to the fans who submitted questions and thanks to Warren for taking the time to answer them!