I Simply Remember My Favourite Things…

Our next Back To Back Threes article comes courtesy of Adam Hammerschmidt who joined the Rocks after impressing at the Open Trials in August. Here’s what he had to say:

1) How many pairs of basketball shoes do you own?


What we imagine Adam’s shoe collection to look like

“Right now my shoe collection includes five pairs of sneakers. On the court, I have two pairs of Kobes. One for practice and one for games. Off the court, I have three pairs of Jordans. One for everyday occasions, one for one bad weather and one for nice occasions including game days.”

2) What are the similarities between Austria and Scotland?

“Playing basketball in both countries has been a great experience as there are a lot of enthusiastic players, coaches and fans. The style of play is very different. I love being in both countries as they’re beautiful with lots of nature.”

3) After you finish university do you plan to play basketball professionally?

“After I finish my Bachelor of Science with Honours in Sports, I wish to continue being a student athlete and pursue a postgraduate degree. Right now I’m looking at cardiovascular science degrees. After retiring from basketball, I would like to become a clinical scientist working for the NHS.”

4) How many times a day do you stop someone talking by going “STOP…Hammer Time”?


Adam is yet to confirm if this is an accurate representation of him back home in Austria.

“More than I would like to admit. But I suppose it has to be said at least five times a day.”

5) Do you ever feel like skipping lectures so you can do more related things like Jump2It? Do you ever feel you are missing out on part of the Rocks experience?

“Of course I would love to attend all the Jump2It sessions, but it’s all about finding the right balance between university and basketball related community work. Education is very important to me.”

6) The “Bunyan rule” only allows Scottish youngsters to sign dual contracts. Do you feel this has hindered you, or has it helped focus your mind on where you want to go with basketball?

“It’s impossible to say as I haven’t done both. I can only try and take the best from it which is the fact that I have a little more time to focus on studying.”

Our thanks to the fans who submitted questions and thanks to Adam for taking the time to answer them!