Bacon On the Bonnie Banks

Our third Back To Back Threes feature comes courtesy of Will Hall who joined the Rocks after a successful BBL rookie season with Leeds Force. Here’s what he had to say:


1. Describe your average day as a Rocks player

“Training at 9 – 11, quick lunch and then usually visit a primary school to deliver the jump to it program. From 4pm onwards it’s usually a case of resting, eating and putting my feet up.”


The mother of all debates

2. Would you put brown sauce or tomato sauce on a roll and bacon?

“I like to mix it up but more often than not it’s probably tomato sauce.”

3. How are you enjoying life in Glasgow?

“Really enjoying my time in Glasgow so far. Got to get out into the countryside a bit and taken a dip in Loch Lomond a couple of weeks ago. You can probably guess how that went. I’ve been able to catch a bit of live music as well. The Old Fruitmarket was a phenomenal venue.”

4. How does training with the Rocks differ from last season with Leeds?

“It’s a lot more running here with the Rocks. We get up and down a lot in training which wasn’t the case so much last year. There was more of a focus on half court sets.”

5. If you could compare yourself to a cartoon character who would it be?

“The cartoon version of Stephen Merchant in the Ricky Gervais Show.”

6. Would you be annoyed if your parents had named you Jim?

“No, its a perfectly reasonable name!”


Thanks to those who submitted questions and to Will for answering them!