The (Almost) Demise of Fingers Findlay

Rolling Rocks Start of Season Bowling Night

Hollywood Bowl, Glasgow Quay

19th September 2015


Our last bowling night (click here for details) was deemed a success and so we decided to run another bowling night to not only celebrate the start of the season, but also because certain members of our last event expressed a wish to bring down the reigning bowling champion. With more people signing up to our event than we had previously, we knew we were in for a bowling battle.


A summary of two of the food outlets at the Glasgow Quay (Nandos and Panda Chinese Buffet) can be found in the previous bowling blog. I thought Rob would take me somewhere different for dinner this time, but it wasn’t to be. I once again sat in the Panda with my unlimited refills of diet coke and ate a large amount of Chinese food. I can’t really complain although I told him next time we are going to Chiquitos. You get 20% off your food bill if you have a Cineworld Unlimited Card.


Rob ate so much food he rolled out the restaurant and across the car park to the bowling. Once we were inside he quickly forgot about his food baby as once again his inner child took over and I had to give him money for the arcade machines. I promise he is actually 28 years old and not just an old looking toddler. The last time we were at the bowling he got the new high score on the basketball game. This time round I think the 10 year old kid next to him might have done better.


Once everyone had arrived I booked us all in and we went to our lanes to set up. Once again I required bumpers. I won’t reveal who else requested bumpers in order to save them the embarrassment…The once cheery atmosphere became tense. People were in “serious game mode”.


For the first game, Rob achieved the highest score out of all the lanes. Previously Andy (not SC Andy!) had been a strong competitor, but not this time. For once I was among the top scorers. Proud moment. Many were convinced that Rob was going to be our new bowling champion after the second game.

Everyone thought Rob would win the second game as well

Everyone thought Rob would win the second game as well


It wasn’t to be. Rob had a poor second game whereas I had a brilliant second game with a score that was beating not only everybody else in the other lanes as well, but was also beating the top score from the first game. I was in pole position and everyone was cheering as we all thought the reign of Findlay had at last come to an end. Our lane finished first, and as people were waiting to get on to our lane we headed to the bar to wait for everyone else to finish. I was tempted to buy myself a celebratory drink seeing as I was so confident.


My best ever bowling score!

My best ever bowling score!


I’m glad I didn’t. My score got beat. By Fingers. He had the top score of the night. I was so devastated I had to share a bowl of nachos with Nicola and buy more drink. At this point I should mention there was a small battle going on between the kids who were bowling and I think Ben came out the winner. So well done to him!

I was beaten by just 2 points

I was beaten by just 2 points


With the bowling over we all ordered more drinks and food and had a chat about our upcoming season as well as away games, ex-players, season tickets and what the supporters club have planned for the future. Watch this space. By the end of the night everyone was friends again. Until next time!


I managed to get an interview after the competition with Fingers Findlay and will leave you with this one quote from him:

“I battled through lane exclusion, smacked bottom and vicious taunting to reign supreme”