A tale of two seasons – part 3

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favourite things.

I, myself, own quite a fetching rose plant which sits pride of place in a whisky cask in my front garden. If anyone is desperate to see photos I shall arrange a slide show for after the next home game. No? Noone?

I’d probably rather eat a kitten than have one as a pet. (I just lost half my audience there – didn’t I?).

Kettles, mittens and brown paper packages? If those excite you then that’s cool with me.

None of these are my favourite things. If I was to rewrite the song it would start “Irresponsible alcohol laws and free ASDA* carrier bags”

* Or any other large multinational selling questionable produce and screwing over local farmers (allegedly)

Where better to get “oot yer tits” and save 5p than the North East!

You can read about it in depth here and here . I see no reason to tinker with the literary genius contained within.

Reggie Middleton signed before the Eagles/Wildcats games. We knew he’d be a useful addition, having seen him play in the BBL before. We’d clearly forgotten to staple his mouth firmly shut.

Into February and we beat the Giants. I don’t recall much about it but a win’s a win.

7 days later and we played the Eagles again for what was literally another bi-weekly pumping. We lost by 18 in a performance that was far more infuriating than the game 2 weeks before where we got beat by 29. We were gutless and Newcastle didn’t even have to try.

I’d like to add a small point on the Newcastle fans. Some like them, some don’t. The fact that they make noise while most of the Rocks fans are trying to get on with their knitting or read their books probably doesn’t help matters. I’ve had a chance to meet a few of them this year. They’re all very friendly and may surprise a few of you!

5 days later and we played Plymouth for the first time in the season. The return of “Big G” was met with a cheer by the home fans. Unfortunately for him he was now part of the worst Plymouth side in living memory. Unfortunately for us the Rocks couldn’t be bothered defending. An enraging defeat if ever there was one.

All was not lost. Sterling Davis, like the incredible hulk after 2 bottles of buckfast, ripped everyone’s limbs off and buried them under Celtic Park’s shiny new monoblocking. Replaced by lookalikes, the team set off on a 6 game winning run.

Manchester away – check.
Sheffield home – check.
Wolves home – check. This game was like watching a small child being devoured by a rabid dog. Annihilation doesn’t come close to describing this. We ran the bench in the first half.
Lions away – check. Reggie didn’t want to burn himself out so took himself out of the game early (see above about staples). JB took control and did the business.
Manchester away – check.
Leeds home – check.

It all came to an end as we lost away to Sheffield. In a nailbiting finish, we lost by a mere 3 points. A 3 point loss away from home isn’t ideal, but it’s *reasonably* easy to take. Especially when, the week after, we got beat by Cheshire again. You’ve heard of the much vaunted Tennessee Volunteers. The war of 1812 would’ve been over much quicker if they’d had the Cheshire Volunteers instead.