BBL Trophy First Round – Falkirk Fury v Glasgow Rocks

Falkirk Fury v Glasgow Rocks

Round 1 BBL Trophy

Grangemouth Sports Complex

Sunday 18th January 2015


Having lost out in the BBL Cup to our old rivals the Newcastle Eagles, it was time to try and make an impact in the BBL Trophy. Being drawn against Falkirk Fury, the National League champions and currently unbeaten this season, meant that around 100 Rocks fans were making the unusually short road trip to Grangemouth.

So after the SatNav taking myself and Rob to a quiet residential street and informing us we had arrived at our destination, we headed back to the main road and found the sports centre. It’s not actually hard to find. It is common for our SatNav to send us to wrong places though. The car park was fairly busy and a lot of people were coming and going. It seems to be a popular place. We parked the car and headed in to find our fellow fans. I decided to leave my jacket in the car – this was my first mistake of the day which will soon become clear.

The lady at reception pointed us in the right direction and told us there were other Rocks fans already here. We walked into a lounge-type room that had numerous armchairs and couches as well as some vending machines. There we found some other Rocks degenerates. Our second mistake of the day was taking a seat on the couches. They’re comfy and once you are seated in them it is quite a struggle to get up. However knowing our team needed us to cheer them to victory was enough to get us moving again.

After having our tickets checked by some more friendly staff I realised what our third mistake was. We had left our horns in the car. I’m sure many of you have heard the horns at our home games. They’re loud. They’re annoying. They’re good fun. So naturally my other half was sent back to the car to collect them while we made our way into the sports hall. At this point I should mention we had brought our own food and drink into the building with us and this was perfectly acceptable.

From the moment I walked into the sports hall, my aforementioned first mistake was apparent. It was cold. Very cold. From the looks of other spectators and players, they also found it cold. Cue sending a hurried text to inform Rob to bring my jacket as well as the horns. We took our seats on the benches behind the team’s bench (it was literally a bench) next to some other fans, chatted amongst ourselves and watched the players warm up – I was tempted to join in. Anything to keep me warm. There were no barriers in this sports hall!

I didn’t have long to wait until Rob arrived back with the horns and my jacket. He also had a nice hot chocolate for me and a coffee for him, bought from one of the hot drinks vending machines. I’m not sure how much they cost but it was quite nice and was definitely appreciated in the arctic temperatures I felt that I was experiencing. It was then we discovered there was a café that sold hot food. More specifically, it sold chips. At £1.50 a plate it was quite good value for money and they were nice. Even Dale Grieve stole some chips from someone. That’s how good they were. I assume the café sold other food as well.


The hall began to fill up quickly and soon all the spectator benches were filled and  people were claiming the remaining seats around the court. Fury had a large number of fans coming to watch the game, around 200 I think. There was a good amount of noise from both sets of fans in the first half as Rocks took control of the game. Sitting right behind the players meant we could hear Sterling’s team talks. I was glad we were winning because I’ve heard him shout from my seats in the Emirates when we aren’t playing well and he seems quite scary.

At halftime the Rocks had a 25 – 64 lead. I believe there was a raffle on, but it wasn’t well advertised and we couldn’t find anybody to buy tickets from. If we had then I think we would have spent some more money. There was a rather nice looking NY Knicks ball on show. Probably the only thing that’s nice about that team this season!


The second half went much the same as the first, with Tayo producing a couple of fancy dunks and alley-oops. The horns seemed quite effective and I’m sure that’s why some of the Fury players missed a couple of free throws. The whole team, bar Paul who was injured, received a decent amount of game time and all players were beginning to rack up the points. The final score finished 46 – 112 to the Rocks, with Danny Huffor scoring a team high 19 points.

At this point it was time to check the scores of the other games being played. Some predictable results, some not so predictable. Plymouth Raiders beat Cheshire Phoenix. Happiness levels peaked at this point. After a quick chat with the rest of the Rocks fans it was time to head home.

The following day we found out the Rocks had been drawn against, you guessed it, the Newcastle Eagles at home in the next round of the trophy. If there was ever a time to end our losing streak against them, this would be it.

Overall the trip to Grangemouth was enjoyable. Journey time was only around 45 minutes, the facilities themselves were good, albeit freezing, and the Rocks came away with the win.

Bring on the Eagles.

– Jill M –