Two at the Line: November weekend – Wildcats and Wolves – scary scary


What a weekend that was, Sunday provided my most exciting game as a Rocks’ fan to date and Friday provided a good fun night in the company of some cool people.

So, Friday.  When the fixture list comes out at the start of the season I immediately look for Friday night games, these provide me an opportunity to enjoy a few pre-game drinks in Glasgow which I can’t do on a Sunday due to having work the next day.  So, we met in the spiritual home of the Glasgow Rocks’ supporters – The Solid Rock Cafe.  Well, I say spiritual home but it is just a place with Rock in the name, the Hard Rock Cafe is probably too expensive and The Rock in Hyndland is too far out the way!


So, the night started in regular fashion.  Unfortunately a few people who were trying to come for a few drinks had other commitments and could no longer make it.  One of the main aims of the new Supporters’ Club is to try and forge stronger bonds between supporters so hopefully more people will be able to come to the next meetup we have,  Whilst in the Solid Rock I learned through Facebook that I had been selected to play the half time free throw game on the court.  Upon learning this my wonderful girlfriend Kirsty decided to start trying to ply me with shots of Sambuca – part of me thinks she was trying to calm my nerves, another part of me thinks she was trying to stitch me up and nobble my attempts at winning 4 tickets to a Clyde One Live event.  Happily I did not succumb to peer pressure and I maintained my composure!

Incidentally, if anyone wants to join or learn more about the Supporters Club then look it up on Facebook, it is a great wee group and lots of discussion about basketball and The Rocks especially happens there.  The name of the group is The Rolling Rocks – I would have preferred The Caged Brigade but Rolling Rocks is good!

So, we left the Solid Rock and made our way to the arena

Outside the Solid Rock

Well, I say we made our way, a few of us stopped at a nice bar called “The Admiral” to see what the ambiance was like – the ambiance was good!

Woah - do we have to go to the match?

When you see a sign like the one above and you realise it is the last Friday of the month you start to wonder whether a trip to the East End is the best way to spend the evening but, being true fans, we made our way out.  One other little footnote, in the Waterloo Street Car Park there is a breathalyser machine you can use for a pound, this attracted a lot of interest but I shall say no more of that – suffice to say that things got a little competitive!

Anyway, we arrived at The Emirates and Kirsty and myself had seats in a courtside box courtesy of The Gadget Doctor – I play basketball with the owner of the company on a Wednesday evening in Hamilton (if anyone else fancies it please let us know, there are 4 of us that just mess about – it’s great fun).  So, The Gadget Doctor will fix your phones and tablets and laptops etc and make a really good job of it.  I really enjoy sitting courtside, the view is great and you get a great look at the physicality involved in the game which isn’t always apparent from further away.

Courtside view

Whilst at the game we made a few observations:

1 – Buying a pie during the game is not the best use of money, they sell them for a pound at the end.

2 – Kirsty noticed that Jonny Bunyan seems to have been working out

3 – Apparently Sterling Davis looks really good in a shirt and suit trousers, I think Kirsty is going to ask him if he can take me shopping such is his sartorial elegance.

4 – It seemed a pretty standard victory, the players were rotated well and Sterling Davis seemed to enjoy the coaching side of the game.

Thanks again to – a sponsor of The Rocks and a nice guy – for the courtside seats, was nice meeting the others too.

Then – to the Worcester game, prior to the match Worcester had lost only once so it was going to be a tough one, especially with our truncated squad.

The arena looked great as always

Emirates Arena - game day

Then came the tip, I like trying to photograph the tip


Gee, this was an exciting game, pretty even the whole way through – the game was tied at 41 at half time.

Speaking of half time, I went to sneak a little sweetie without Kirsty finding out (I am meant to be on a diet).  Whilst away I took a picture of where we sit (you can see our flag in the background, made for me by my colleague Mrs Catterson)


Onto the second half, again it was tight throughout the game, the last few seconds were tremendous.  Excuse me if I have misremembered the facts but I always write this as honestly as I can from what I remember.  I think, with the scores tied, Worcester had 14 seconds to try and score, we kept them out well and won a rebound from a missed shot.  Then the referee stopped the game, I am not sure why, but it seemed to work to our advantage as we then had 1.5 seconds to try and score a basket from our baseline.  A long ball up to Huffor saw him so very nearly do it.  Huffor has been tremendous lately, what an all rounder that guy is.

So, onto overtime, I had never seen overtime before 🙂  And that man Smith stepped up yet again.  With 3,9 seconds left I am pretty sure Smith just told Davis and the rest of the team to just give him the ball and he would take care of it – and take care of it he did with an amazing 3 pointer.


What a moment, one for the ages, the shot that shook the world, a 3 pointer at the end of a BBL league match, call it what you will but I loved it.  I am convinced that this was the most exciting sporting event in Scotland over the weekend.  Watch it here:

So, that was by far and away the most exciting Rocks game I have been to – the Leicester game last week was exciting on the telly and Manchester away in the Trophy last season was great but this was something else.

wolves box

Things I noticed at the game on Sunday

1 – Dale Grieve (ALL HAIL DALE) is awesome, 8 points and an assist in around 5 minutes with 100% shooting, gee, I would like to see him get more game time

2 – Davis coached that game expertly, the players were rotated really well and everyone played their part.

3 – Tunnocks Teacakes cost a lot in The Emirates.  I was charged £1 for one and thought that was a little expensive.  So, I looked up how much they cost in Asda:


82p for 6 of them!  13.7 pence each!  And I was charged £1 – that is one massive markup.  The coke was also an extra 45p if bought from the hotdog place rather than out the machine, how strange.

4. Dale Grieve seems a funny guy, his answers in the interview in the programme were good.

5. I think that’s about it.

So, on a weekend that I was disgusted with sport due to Morton losing to Spartans (what’s that all about?  Well done Spartans by the way) my faith was restored by The Glasgow Rocks.  With the promise of another signing to come this week to supplement an already strong squad these are indeed exciting times.

Keep on Rocking in the Free World

Go Rocks.