Two At the Line: The Season So Far

This is just a quick catchup of the season so far, this blog will usually take the form of a week by week look at events, games and experiences 🙂


Season 2014/15 was highly anticipated by myself and Kirsty.  2013/14, well, the less said the better, but 2014 promised great things.  The first landmark of the season is always when the news of new signings starts to filter through and, as usual, this led to looking up the new players on youtube and, as usual, they all looked tremendous!  Tommy Freeman, JuJuan Smith, Paul Egwuonwu, Danny Huffor, Fraser Glass, Ali Fraser and Tayo Ogedengbe were to be joining up with last season’s returners of Johnny Bunyan, Dale Grieve and Sterling Davis (insterlwetrust)

Picking our season ticket seats also proved contentious – we had sat in the same seats for 2 seasons – behind the away bench (great for when The Riders visit) but now we wanted to be near the drum so we could do a bit of shouting without people looking at us like we were mental.  So, we now sit behind the home bench, I miss the away bench but it is good to be near fellow shouters (DEFENCE)

First big event of the season was an open practise session one Saturday afternoon, this was pretty cool and it was a nice thing for the Rocks to put on for season ticket holders and to see the new players in action was decent but the best part of the day was catching up with other fans we hadn’t seen in months.  We also picked up our season tickets that day – a nice yellow this year.

First game was against the USA Select – a pretty comfortable victory.  The USA Select fascinate me, from what I understand they are a touring bunch of players looking for contracts in Europe, good luck to them, there are certainly a few decent players in there.


The first few games of the season were a little bit disappointing to be honest, a big home loss to new team Bristol Flyers was made to look not quite so bad by their impressive form over the next couple of games.  This was followed by a comprehensive win over other new boys Leeds Force.  A loss to Surrey seemed to set some alarm bells ringing but most fans seemed to think we had a good team who were just taking a little time to gel.

An upturn in results coincided with the introduction of Kieron Achara.  The co-captain of the GB international team, we couldn’t have hoped for or expected a better signing.  Sadly, Paul Egwuonwu left the club at this point, good luck to him in future – seemed a nice chap!


Anyway, our record with Achara in the team reads: Played 2, Won 2, 2 decent victories at home to London and Leicester with every player playing their part.  So, now that that is all up to date, here are some things I have noticed about the season so far:

1. The fences at the bottom of the stands are ridiculous.  There is no Row A anymore and the people in Row B have little legroom and Rocky can’t get up to see all the wee guys.

2. Attending the games after a few drinks is a lot more fun!   A little pre game drink before the London game was decent.  Cider and Sambuca in the Solid ROCK (surely the unofficial home of the Rocks fans) was followed by £1 vodka in a pub next door.  Kirsty got propositioned by a gentleman who informed her that if she accompanied him to Belfast she would “have the best sex of her life”. I didn’t hear this part of the conversation and only heard Kirsty saying “I would rather go to Dublin” – to which I suggested she shouldn’t be quite so dismissive of our new friends’ hometown – I wondered why she looked so disgusted with me!  The game itself was good, I tried to introduce a new song – singing JuJuan, JuJuan, JuJuan, JuJuaaan, to the tune of Jolene – it didn’t take off.  One disappointment about this day was the failure of fellow supporters Mark and Paula to make it into town to share a prematch drink with us – one day!!



3. We always make a point of buying Pink raffle tickets – at the Leicester game there were no more pink ones left so Kirsty chose another colour – and we won a signed home top – lovely stuff.  I really like the Rocks’ raffle, there are always loads of prizes.

4. The setting up of the new supporters’ club promises to be a huge positive.  Kudos to Andy and Jill for offering to lead this for us – an away day extravaganza is being organised for Durham in 9 days, looking forward to that.

Right, that is me caught up now, I will try to do one of these blogs every week, we will go to a few away games and hopefully every home game, hopefully it will provide a good record of a trophy laden season…