Two at the Line: Rocks v Phoenix

I’m sitting here writing this as I watch Man Utd v Chelsea on V+ taped from earlier, this raises a couple of points before I speak about the game.  Number 1 – it takes a lot to get me out the house on a day like today when a game like that is on the telly, I used to love wintery Sundays in the house watching the football so it is testament to how much we enjoy the basketball that we happily leave the house every Sunday.  Secondly, it gets me wondering if Sunday afternoons are the best time for The Rocks to play, it seems most sides favour a Sunday kick off but I wonder if there are many people who prefer to stay at home for “Super Sunday”?  I certainly enjoy the Friday night games, means I can enjoy the game and have a few drinks beforehand 🙂  I’m sure The Rocks have their reasons for the Sunday kick offs though and it suits me fine then to be honest.

So, we set off for the game and broke our usual game day routine by going to Tesco before the game instead of the way home (so I take my share of the blame for us losing – sorry).  Costa Coffee in Dalmarnock Tesco is pretty expensive, I am surprised Tesco let them away with that.

Then, onto the Emirates, it was a dreich and dismal day in Dalmarnock, you could barely see the grey arena against the slate grey sky


We made our way into the arena, Kirsty got her bag looked into as usual, I am not a big civil liberties campaigner but I do wonder what they are looking for in the bags, I guess I could ask one time but I never do.  I queued up for  hot dog as usual, the first one the guy tried to give me lacked an important component of the hot dog – a sausage – but the guy noticed before he gave me it.  At £4 these aren’t really worth the money but there is always a big queue of people lined up to hand over cash, do The Rocks get any of this cash or does it all go to The Emirates?  One thing that excites me is when they have spare pies and sell them for a pound on the way out.

As usual, the players made their way out with the mascots, I do appreciate this aspect of The Rocks, the work they do in schools and everything is great and the match day mascots really do get a good day by the looks of things.

huddle (2)

Then to the tip, I think this is a great way of starting the game, wish they would do it in the second half as well.  I recently discovered a new setting on my phone that lets me get a good picture of the tip, here it is:


The game – interesting!.  Last season’s matches against Phoenix were eventful to say the least and this game had early controversy with Phoenix picking up an unsportsmanlike and 2 technicals in the first half.  As usual their fans were really noisy and it was great to see the gentleman of the BBL David Aliu up in Glasgow to support his side.  Phoenix basically played with only 5 players so hats off to them for their win tonight.  I really thought DiNunno played well, that guy couldn’t miss in the first half. Games with an exciting end are awesome, Rocks had 12 seconds to score 3 points to tie the game but just couldn’t get a clear look at the basket, especially Freeman, Phoenix had it under control.


So, an eventful game with a disappointing scoreline.  After the game myself and Kirsty felt miserable about the result so we treated ourselves to a wee meal out – Kirsty wasn’t happy.  A prize for anyone who can identify where we were.  The diet starts tomorrow…


Onwards to Durham next week,  We are trying to decide whether to go down on Saturday for a night out somewhere – we have found a hotel with a nightclub in it which offers the sage warning that “noise and disturbance may be experienced in all rooms up until 4am every Saturday”  – one of us really wants to stay here, the other really does not!  Looking forward to a good game next week with the chance to see Mr and Mrs Urli, 2 great people from last season and the prospect of a large travelling support to help the team get back on track after today’s disappointment.  Sadly we will be missing my former colleague Kim, a new recruit to The Rocks who can’t make it down owing to work commitments – we will get you to an away game eventually Kim!  Manchester games in February and March.

That Man United game is nil nil at half time, the second half better be an improvement on the first.

As always – GOROCKS.